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potential students. Master’s applications. Sophisticated Nursing Practice (M.Sc.) specialists for nursing practice.

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The consecutive Master plan “Advanced Nursing Practice” (ANP) is nursing degree applications just like nursing dual, technical instruction and equips graduates for advanced and specialized training needs in nursing practice. By the person priorities acute care and psychiatric care specialization on particular overall health troubles and sophisticated tasks performed in certain service places. as a result amongst the objectives from the joint plan on the Evangelical University Nuremberg (EVHN) along with the East Bavarian Technical University of Regensburg (OTH Regensburg) would be to provide you with the scientific basis as well as the methodological ideas which might be required to act as specialists , This allows you to take as sophisticated tasks inside the care method design and style and clinical assessment along with the development of science-based evaluation of care ideas to specific troubles in summarizing generator highly complicated care situations. By the study of mediated ANP core competencies and subject-specific content will permit you to continue as care experts to perform autonomously within your practice and take more than the technical management inside the which means of emancipatory practice improvement.

job prospects.The graduates can act as future care experts and specialists and assess complex situations and make clinical choices autonomously. You’ll be able to selectively control the nursing care processes and boost in technical fields. Also, the graduates have the ability to advise and lead other folks professionally. Likewise, activities are in organizations in the locations of health promotion, threat management, diagnosis and assessment, Education, Consulting, Case and discharge management in query. By way of the Master’s system also provides the opportunity to a doctoral program.Building and method.The consecutive Master’s plan into 3 semesters full-time with 90 ECTS for Master of Science. The presence instances come across each and every two weeks on consecutive weekdays depending around the module in Nuremberg and Regensburg as an alternative.

course content.Within the Master Program epistemological references are created, teaches the fundamentals of your concept “advanced nursing practice” (ANP) and deepens the Clinical Assessment.Many different well being and care systems are treated as contextual variables of Sophisticated Nursing Practice as well as the ANP’s core competencies are acquired:to meet skills, ethical decisions and to contribute to ethical choice generating (Module: Ethics and Anthropology) ability to act professionally in interdisciplinary summarizing biz teams (Module: Interaction and communication) Strong information of scientific techniques and capabilities to introduce an evidence-based nursing practice, test, evaluate and to conduct (modules: investigation I and II) ability to lead other folks and professionally to enable (module: Clinical Leadership)

Inside the person to become elected concentrate psychiatric care (OTH Regensburg) and acute care (EVHN) is deepened specialist understanding and expanded to involve knowledge and know-how within the respective nursing location for future function as a nursing specialist or -expert ,Admission specifications.First degree (Diploma or Bachelor) within a nursing degree system similar to nursing dual, care management and nursing education (Diploma or Bachelor) at a university of applied sciences or university or an equivalent domestic or foreign degree.Intensive theory-practice covers, tailored to the specific practice facilities (including a sensible project) involving the professional skills and experiences on the students – a nursing specialist practical experience preferably in psychiatric care or acute care is advantageous mastering in compact groups Person focus.Of your students the interest and capability is anticipated to challenge nursing actions around the basis of theories and scientifically reflect.

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